We made three short films for 23red on the subject of Organ Donation to be a central part of the schools curriculum in 2016. We interviewed a 15 year old boy, Charles, who had a successful kidney transplant aged 7, a young woman, Hannah, who is waiting for a heart transplant and Dawn, who made the decision to donate the organs of her son Harry, after he was tragically killed in an accident.

December 31st, 2015


We collaborated with 23red and SubTV to create an 8 minute programme for Network Rail, to target students with a level crossings safety message. Using a combination of CCTV footage, Tom, a victim of his own ‘bad behaviour’ on the railways and Ivan Berry, a SubTV presenter, we filmed this in the style of Ivan’s existing show and ran it on the channel, as un-branded content, not as advertising.

December 31st, 2015


The Bluewater reindeer are iconic figures for the people of Kent and their appearance at Bluewater signify the traditional start of Christmas. As part of the multi-media campaign we created our own CGI magic with 23red to bring the reindeer to life.

December 31st, 2015

Crisis at Christmas Online Content

Working through Gundog Media, I made this film for the CRISIS Charity to promote the 2014 Christmas ‘Spread the t-shirt joy’ campaign. We recruited Neb, a Scottish magician to design his own set of t-shirts, then work with an un-suspecting public, who all eventually got the t-shirt they were thinking of.

December 4th, 2014

Bookatable.com TV advertising

We created this charming animated commercial to promote the urban dining service, taking a lighthearted approach to the problem.

September 20th, 2014

Flora TV Sponsorship idents

Written for ITN Productions, this series of idents tapped into the game Cluedo for inspiration.

September 20th, 2014

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